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Unleash The Power Of Understanding Your Development and Deployment Flows Through Team Behavior

Understanding how your team is working plays a critical role in improving the various processes in your organization. Cover the missing parts and form a superior company culture.


Work Focus Breakdown

The Work Focus Breakdown is a reflection of work focused in the company or in different projects. Categorizing the work into four groups (New work, Legacy Refactor, Help Others and Churn) helps identify where the team focuses.


The breakdown helps managers to understand issues related to coding performance and the efficiency of the development cycle. The major changes in work focus groups can indicate serious problems.

Developer Analytics

The behavioral analysis details of each developer can be reached through developer analytics reports. The details contain developers' focus, behavioral analysis, efficiency, proficiency and developer activities in the projects participated in.


Analyzing each developer’s strengths and weaknesses and how they behave under various circumstances will enable managers to design proper training programs for developers and give credit to best practices.


Collaboration Details

Take a deeper analysis of development stages and understand the aspects that cause delays in the delivery process. The details also point out how well your team is coordinated in every project in the company. 


Collaboration details can be utilized to identify the root causes and bottlenecks in the delivery process so that the managers can realize what to improve. Additionally, the team members can be assigned to roles based on the details revealed by the analysis and synchronization can be improved.


Highlights the specialty of the developers and teams and how well they perform by using different technologies. Proficiency also shows the company average in the respective technology to enable the comparison throughout the company.


By having proficiency analysis in various technologies, it would be easier to evaluate the correlation between the team’s competence and the respective technologies. In comparison to company performance in these technologies, contributors can be driven to meet company standards.


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