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Valven Atlas - Product Updates

Track the product journey and understand the details of Valven Atlas product capabilities. 

28 August, 2023

Sprint Overview for Enhanced Productivity

We're excited to introduce the latest enhancement to Valven Atlas - Sprint Overview! With the knowledge of Sprints playing a key role for teams adopting agile and scrum strategies, our mission is to empower the teams with the tools they need to succeed in every sprint. With Sprint Reports, you now have an even clearer view of your sprint progress, ensuring that you can meet your project milestones effectively.


What's Included in Sprint Reports?


Valven Atlas Sprint Overview offers some key reports to monitor the current status and projection for the sprint completion.

  • An overview of current and previous sprints in terms of story points or included issues to demonstrate the progress.

  • The insights section to provide points to be careful and suggestions to meet the Sprint requirements, highlighting bottlenecks and areas of improvement.

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram to track the flow of work items throughout the sprints. It helps you quickly assess if your team's productivity is on track.

  • Burndown Chart to compare the planned sprint timeline with the actual progress made in terms of issues or story points. A valuable tool helps ensure that you stay on course to meet your sprint objectives.

Why Would Use Sprint Overview with Valven Atlas?

With Sprint Overview, while Valven Atlas users are gaining a deeper understanding of the sprint's health and progress, previous sprints and daily breakdowns can be reviewed to investigate progress and identify any issues that may lead to any performance change.


By visualizing the work items and timelines, team leads can make data-driven decisions to keep the sprints on target. Additionally, Valven Atlas's intuitive interface ensures that you can effortlessly create and share these reports with the team, fostering collaboration and transparency.

It is important to not take any risk when it comes to sprint success and resource allocation. Elevate your productivity and project management with Sprint Overview in Valven Atlas. Try it today and experience the difference in your sprint planning and execution.

We're committed to continuous improvement and helping you achieve your development goals, one sprint at a time. As always, more updates and features will be designed to streamline your software development process and improve efficiency!

15 July, 2023

Linear Issue Tracking Is Supported Now

Issue management details support development metrics and measure a team’s efficiency regarding the stages of the development cycle. 


The value of Valven Atlas with the integration to issue management systems leading the Faraday Product Team to extend the existing Jira integration with more issue management platforms. 


We now support Linear -another proven solution in the issue management market- to offer our value to software development teams empowering their process with Linear.

You can integrate your Linear account to increase visibility on your teams' development behaviors.

Extending Issue Management Platforms with YouTrack

Valven Atlas can now generate analysis on development cycle details of teams utilizing YouTrack -another widely used issue management tool- and empowering their cycles to improve company performance.


Through the integration, we aim to target the teams using YouTrack and help them to have a better understanding of their issue-related cycles and the coordination between development behaviors and their impact on the deployment cycle.

You can integrate your YouTrack account with a couple of simplified steps and start exploring the value Valven Atlas provides.

New Automation Rule For Better Process Tracking 

Valven Atlas automation feature enables our customers to create a set of conditions to emphasize established development behaviors among the teams. 

There are cases of pushing an additional commit after the pull request is approved but not merged. These cases may result in pushing code chunks without any review leading to problematic releases.


Valve Atlas users now can create an automation flow to be notified when any commit is made after the pull request approval so that the notification can turn into action and the team can make sure that all additions will go through a health review cycle. 

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