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Easy Integration Leads To New Horizons

Feed your data

Analyze development cycle

Identify the problems

Improve planning & execution



Automated Data Collection

The process for the integration of the existing issue management and development platforms is simplified. This will lead to a minimum effort to get meaningful, valuable data and use it for the future of the company. 


After the integration, Valven Performance will offer a way to collect some of the available data automatically in order to light your way with key analysis.

Progress Review

Watch the progress of the projects in real-time and understand the way the team members focus and perform in different time periods.

Realize the high and low points of the overall and individual performance to find new ways to improve it and take the necessary actions accordingly. 


Process Review

Understand the progress between each junction of the project and the time spend in issue transition from analysis to development or development to test processes.

The related reports will reveal the secrets of the actions taken by team members to increase performance. Identify the problems in delivery so that you can fix them.

Team Work Patterns

Analyze the team performance based on the events, changes, actions taken to understand the impact on the actively followed processes.

This will reflect what to expect from your team so that you plan the development precisely and align the business side perfectly.



The retrospective provides sheds light on the past projects, efforts, challenges to offer a way to prevent failing to meet any future business requirements.


Before working on the cost and effort for any project, it is almost always useful to check previous plans, actions, failures to avoid miscalculations.

Work Log Analysis

For any active company, one of the key points is to understand the cost of the projects in terms of participants and materials used.

A better understanding of team performance on the projects will help leaders to analyze the possibilities and create a well-structured project plan in order to prevent any time loss and utilize resources before even putting any effort into the process.


Constructive Feedback

During and after the project, have an advanced analysis of the weak and strong sides of the individuals and teams.

This knowledge and focus will enable the leaders to lean on the subjects that will improve the missing parts or promote the strengths of their teams. Similarly, team members can also see parts they can improve for themselves and for their company.


With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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